2020 Draft Prospect Rankings: Cornerbacks & Safeties

By John Kaufman

NFL Draft Analyst


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Among the 2020 draft prospects, there are three position groups that have the inside track to being labeled as the best group in the bunch: the offensive tackles, the wide receivers, and the cornerbacks.

These THICC boys may see four of themselves get drafted in the first 12 picks this Thursday night, and there might be as many as seven or eight selected in the first round overall. The record, by the way, for the most offensive tackles taken in the first round of an NFL Draft is eight, which happened back in 2008. The 2020 class hopes to equal that feat, at least.

And the 2020 WRs? Well, they might just be the best draft class of all time. They are loaded at the top with standouts like Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb. And while Jeudy and Lamb seem destined for greatness, don’t just write off this 2020 class as being top-heavy. They’re as deep as any class has ever been, which is what truly sets them apart. The eighth receiver on any draft guru’s list would easily have been the best or second-best WR in a different draft class. These guys are that good.

Well then. Just what do the 2020 CBs have that the other two position groups don’t?

The last laugh, perhaps.

Like the 2020 WR class, these corners are loaded at the top with names like Jeff Okudah and C.J. Henderson, who could easily both be selected in the top 12. For the past four months now, Okudah has been mocked to the Detroit Lions at #3 by everyone within reach of a computer. And while that is by far the consensus, I believe that the Lions are going to select Auburn DT, Derrick Brown instead, meaning Okudah could fall (but only just a little). Henderson, on the other hand, is perpetually mocked somewhere in the teens. But the buzz is picking up on his draft stock as well, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see him come off the board towards the back half of the top ten.

Equally similar to their receiving counterparts, the 2020 corners are also a deep class. This year’s top ten CB ranking lists play much more like a greatest hits album than a meager debut effort.

I realize that I have yet to mention this year’s safety class. That has everything to do with how outstanding the corners are, and nothing to do with any weakness among these safeties. They are a solid bunch to say the least, even if you’ve never even heard of one of the REALLY good ones.

Below are my rankings for both the corners and the safeties. As you peruse each list, be sure to check out the accompanying podcast in which Chandler Adams and I talked about each player’s attributes and negatives, and what to expect from them at the next level. This was our first position group for which we also recorded a YouTube video, so now we’re a treat for the eyes and ears.


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