2020 Draft Prospect Rankings: Quarterbacks

By John Kaufman and Chandler Adams

NFL Draft Analysts

@ClevelandSpyder and @ChandlerAdamss

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The 2020 quarterback class is incredibly intriguing, to say the least. Joe Burrow is the consensus top-ranked QB and is essentially a lock to go #1 overall to the Cincinnati Bengals, and that sentiment has been all but etched in stone from the moment the 2020 National Championship game ended.

After Burrow, however, the rankings among the various NLF Draft experts fluctuate wildly, and that theme rings true with us here at Across the Board Sports as well. The coronavirus has made evaluating Tua’s recovery from his hip injury impossible. In trying to assess Tua’s health status, NFL General Managers have almost nothing to go on outside of a workout video that Tua released back on March 24. Granted, he is moving incredibly well in that clip, but is that enough to convince an NFL GM to draft him, knowing that his job would certainly hinge upon the success or failure of that decision?

The rest of the prospects come with so much uncertainty. Is Jalen Hurts just a one-read quarterback who is a better rusher than thrower? Is Justin Herbert simply Mitchell Trubisky 2.0? It’s easy to fall in love with Jordan Love’s 2018 season. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to look away in disgust at his 2019 season. How about Jacob Eason and Jake Fromme? Are they career backups at best, or mid-round sleepers with starter potential? Why does nearly every QB’s name start with the letter “J" this year? And why wouldn't Tua play along? Just who does he think he is anyway?

Below are our personal QB rankings. And while neither of us have an answer regarding the overabundance of “J” first names in this class (although John may have some insider info on that one), we did attempt to sort through the ambiguity surrounding the 2020 quarterback class. As you go through our lists, be sure to listen to our podcast in which we not only ranked the QBs, but we also explained what we loved and feared about each player. Click below to hear our thoughts on each prospect.

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On the podcast (recorded on Jan 28), John’s rankings were:

4. Justin Herbert

5. Jordan Love

6. Jacob Eason

7. Jacob Fromme

8. Anthony Gordon (Washington State)

And Chandler’s rankings were:

1. Justin Herbert

2. Joe Burrow

3. Tua Tagovailoa

4. Jake Fromme

5. Jalen Hurts

Since then, after time spent watching film and with the benefit of added information, we have both adjusted our rankings. Additionally, Anthony Gordon was left off this chart simply in the interest of keeping things even because Chandler only ranked seven QBs.

John Kaufman & Chandler Adams

Across the Board Sports

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