ATB Mock Draft 1.0 - Picks 1-10

Chandler Adams - Across The Board Draft Analyst

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It's only week 7 of the NFL season, but I had the urge to do a mock draft. So, with that, we are beginning the NFL Draft process here at ATB sports. Myself, and a few others, are going to strive to fulfill your draft day needs. Do you want to be the guy or gal who is able to impress all their friends by knowing every prospect and what they do or don't do well? If so, follow us on social media, and follow along.

*This is what I believe SHOULD happen ... not WILL happen

1. Titans - Justin Herbert QB (Pick obtained by the Bengals for Titans 1st, 2nd, 2021 2nd

This is a great pick for both teams. Titans get their guy. It's evident it's not Mariota, and Justin Herbert is the guy that the media wants to believe Daniel Jones is. Herbert is 6'6 but will instantly be one of the most mobile QB's in the NFL. His accuracy is what scared me in the past, but he's dishing out a 69.1% and 17 TD - 1 INT. Why don't the Bengals pick him? I believe they can grab Fromm or Eason at a later time, and if you give Dalton weapons, I believe he can succeed.

2. Dolphins - Chase Young DE

No, not Tua. Why? GIVE ROSEN A CHANCE TO SUCCEED DAMN'T. With the other two 1st rounders the Dolphins have they NEED to address the OL. However, Chase Young is that good. You cannot pass on a player of this caliber. It will keep you up at night as a GM. Fins can address that issue in a few short picks

3. Redskins - Andrew Thomas OT

The Skins have no other first round picks in the 2020 draft. Grabbing a franchise LT will help young Haskins grow into the QB they want him to be. Thomas looks like he was made in video game. I know that's a common phrase nowadays, but this one is for real. Add on to that his mobility and stability while pass blocking and you have yourself one of the best OL prospects in a few years. Thomas will hold down the fort for the Redskins for 10+ years.

4. Falcons - Jeffrey Okudah CB

Is Okudah good? Yes, absolutely. Is 4 a stretch? Yes, absolutely. However, the Ohio State is DBU and his improvement from last year to this is wild. He especially flourishes in man coverage (sounds like another #4 overall OSU DB I know). My biggest complaint about him is his ball tracking skills. If it's not fixed, he will suffer in the NFL, but I believe he will fix that by the end of this college season. A good performance in the CFP will help solidify Okudah as a top prospect.

5. Buccaneers - Joe Burrow QB (Pick obtained by the Jets for Bucs 1st, 2nd, future 3rd)

I absolutely love this pick. Bruce Arians finally has his guy, and the deadly trio of Evans, Godwin and Howard finally have a consistent QB. The biggest knock on Burrow? Has to be his arm strength. It seems that almost every deep route Jefferson has to come back and locate the short ball. But at 6'3 - 215 I believe that he has the ability to improve in that area, which he'll need to because these WR's love the deep ball.

6. Dolphins - Tristan Wirfs OT

The Dolphins firesale is in full effect. Rosen needs stability and an offensive line. They have a few young exciting rookies on that OL down in Miami. Dieter has played very poorly, but I don't believe that will stick around. Adding Wirfs to that line is just what they need. Impressive footwork and a absolutely monstrous strength, Wirfs is a physical phenom who will make immediate impact in the run and pass game.

7. Browns - Grant Delpit S

Disclaimer, the Browns will most likely not be picking here, but as it stands, they do. So, Browns fans, back to the old ways of waiting and dying for the Browns to select the new savior. Delpit is just that. He's a tiger in the defensive backfield. He sometimes literally looks as if he's hunting his prey. His ability to break up pass plays is extraordinary and I'm very excited to watch this kid play in the big leagues.

8. Jaguars - Jerry Jeudy WR

What a predicament in Jax. Pay a free agent QB big time money, only for him to break his clavicle right away, and then you're 6th round QB (who I said would succeed in the NFL, I actually called him a Baker 2.0... anyway) comes in and runs the show and steals the heart of tons of middle aged men in America. Whoever you roll with, roll with the stache, you need legitimate weapons. Westbrook, Chark and Jeudy would be absolutely bananas. Some of the best speed and feet in a WR prospect ever. This man is a walking ankle breaker.

9. Giants - A.J. Epenesa DE

6'6 - 280 lbs. This man is a monster. He plays the edge extremely well and sheds defenders with ease. His reach is unmatched, but he's using that a little too much and needs to add on to his repertoire outside of the bull-rush. The Giants now have Epenesa, Lawrence and Ximines to bunker down that defensive line.

10. Bengals - Tua Tagovailoa QB (Traded with Titans)

If i'm the GM of the Bengals, I don't go into the 1st round with QB on my mind, but Tua at 10 is hard to pass up. Truthfully, I've stated my piece about Tua. I think he is benefiting from a system, but a couple of things are undeniable about him. He's a leader, he's insanely accurate, and he's mobile. Those three things can make him into a great NFL prospect. However, something in my gut doesn't love this pick still. (disclaimer Tua will prob go #1)

Chandler Adams - Across The Board Draft Analyst

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