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Chandler Adams - Across The Board

There was a time, not long ago, where Josh Allen was in talks to be the #1 pick in the NFL draft. At 6'5 and 237 lbs, a 6.9 3 cone (which would have been faster than EVERY running back in the 2019 NFL draft except Miles Sanders, let that sink in), and CANNON of an arm. So, what held him back from being the #1 overall pick? He couldn't win in a bad college conference, he was inaccurate and he struggled at progressing through his reads. We will take a look into the 2nd year QB and see what he has/hasn't improved on. First things first, Josh Allen has (so far) proven a lot of people wrong...Including myself. However, I would urge Bills fans to listen to this single point, and truly read it with an open mind. If this Bills coaching staff fails to let Josh Allen be Josh Allen, then he will fail in the long term. What do I mean by that? Allen will never be a pure pocket QB, and I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. He struggles to go through his progressions and make the RIGHT throw. So, let him use his feet. It's time to release "Fearless Josh Allen"

Allen leads the league in rushing TD's by QB's. What makes him so different from Jackson, Murray, Wilson in the run game? HE'S THE SIZE OF A LINEBACKER. Allen gets hit, but refuses to go down. On top of that? Like I stated above, his 3-cone time is unbelievable.

Being a good runner is nice, but as a QB you have to be able to throw efficiently. Is he capable? Yes... and no. Thanks to @BillsQBwatch on Twitter I was able to see the following stats.

Josh Allen 2019:

Shotgun: 58.3 comp % 77.5 passer rtg 6.6 yards per att

Under center: 65.6 comp % 96.6 passer rtg 7.3 yards per att

Non play action: 57.3 comp % 72.9 passer rtg 6.5 yards per att

Play action: 70.2 comp % 116.3 passer rtg 7.8 yards per att

To no surprise, he does best while in play action (as does the entire league) and from under center. However, the Bills vs. Browns game he was in shotgun nearly the entire time and the Bills failed to used play action. The Bills are simply not using Josh Allen effectively, yet, he is still producing at a nice rate.

Where do I see Allen going from here? I'd say it entirely depends on if they go all in with him. If they allow him to use his feet, execute the RPO and build a team that fits him (getting big targets for Allen who can be inaccurate at times), then I can see him as a top 10-15 QB while he's in the league. I don't see his shelf life being long. Why? Because he's a competitor, he'll take that big hit if it means getting that TD/1st down and that will come back to bite him some day. But for now? He's an electric QB who, if used correctly, could make some noise in the AFC

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