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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Alex Scheer and John Kaufman bring to you their personal picks for the Top 25 match-ups and 2 unranked game of the week picks for Week 5 of the college football season. No explanation, all gut, just a straight up “This or That”. Let’s have some fun to see who finishes the season as the “King of the Picks”. (as games complete, this will be updated to reflect the winner beside each match up)

Alex’s Current Record: 16-4

John’s Current Record: 17-3

#1 Clemson @ UNC (Clem)

Alex John


Ole Miss @ #2 Alabama (BAMA)

Alex John


#5 Ohio St. @ Nebraska (OSU)

Alex John

Ohio St Ohio St.

Texas Tech @ #6 Oklahoma (OKLA)

Alex John

Oklahoma Oklahoma

Miss. St. @ #7 Auburn (AUB)

Alex John

Auburn Auburn

Northwestern @ #8 Wisconsin (WISC)

Alex John

Wisconsin Wisconsin

Towson @ #9 Florida (FLA)

Alex John

Florida Florida

#18 Virginia @ #10 Notre Dame (ND)

Alex John

Notre Dame Notre Dame

#12 Penn St. @ Maryland (PSU)

Alex John

Penn St Maryland

Middle Tenn. St @ #14 Iowa (IOWA)

Alex John

Iowa Iowa

Arizona St. @ #15 Cal (ASU)

Alex John

Cal Cal

#21 USC @ #17 Washington (WASH)

Alex John

U SoCal Washington

Washington St. @ #19 Utah (UTAH)

Alex John

Utah Utah

Rutgers @ #20 Michigan (MICH)

Alex John

Michigan Michigan

UConn @ #22 UCF (UCF)

Alex John


#23 TAMU @ Arkansas (TAMU)

Alex John


#24 Kansas St. @ Oklahoma St. (OSU)

Alex John

Kansas St Oklahoma St.

Indiana @ #25 Michigan St. (MSU)

Alex John

Michigan St Indiana

Unranked Game of the Week Picks

Alex’s Game of the Week

BYU @ Toledo (TOL)

Alex John

Toledo Toledo

John’s Game of the Week

Stanford @ Oregon St. (STAN)

Alex John

Oregon St. Stanford

Top 25 on BYE: #3 Georgia, #4 LSU, #11 Texas, #13 Oregon, #16 Boise St.

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