Getting to Know the ATB Fantasy Team

Getting to Know the ATB Fantasy Team:

Who is Paul Ryan?

Who is Paul Ryan: Paul Ryan Becerra, better known as @Paul_Ryan15 on Twitter, is a husband, big brother, and son offline. I enjoy cooking, grilling, baking (with my wife’s supervision), and traveling with my wife, Hannah, and my dog, Papi.

When I’m not on Twitter, I enjoy trying new restaurants, being outdoors, and spending time with family. I’m a simple man and when I need to clear my mind I grab my dog, hop in the car, and go on long car rides. Papi is semi-famous. He rides in my lap while we’re riding around and we rarely, if ever, go on a ride without people stopping us to say how cute he is.

My Favorite Fantasy Memory: The year was 2014. The game: New Orleans Saints vs Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. I win and I’m playing for my FIRST EVER fantasy championship. Who am I relying on… Smokin’ Jay Cutler.

It was a nail-bitter and it came all the way down to the last few seconds. How did I still have a chance? Jay Cutler had thrown three interceptions yet somehow I was still in this thing. I had all but given up late in the 4th quarter. The Saints are eating up the clock and it looked like New Orleans was going to lineup in the winning formation soon, but then, the unthinkable happens! Brees hands the ball to Ingram in the red zone. With a head full of steam and the end zone in sight, instead of taking a knee, Ingram SCORES a TD!

No way, did he really run it in? Is Chicago gonna get the ball back for real? Yes, yes they are. With 1:47 left on the clock, I only needed six points and my fantasy destiny was in the hands of Jay “MF’n” Cutler. Chicago, down by double-digits, starts the drive off with a pass; complete, another pass, another completion, four straight completions and my path to fantasy glory is in sight. Uh oh. A long bomb to a wide-open Devin Hester… and he dropped it. DANG IT. However, the clock is ticking and Chicago is getting closer and closer to scoring.

Then, it happens. TOUCHDOOOOWWWWWNNNNN Jay Cutler to Alshon Jeffrey with 30 seconds left on the clock. But, wait... was it enough? The game had ended and ESPN hadn’t updated the final score for my matchup yet. I wait patiently, refreshing my ESPN app like crazy!

Final score:

Me: 133.3; My opponent: 133.1!!

Yep, you’re reading that correctly. I won by two tenths of a point. Thank you Jay Cutler. I went on to win my first fantasy football championship.

My Role with ATB: Writer, podcaster and fantasy analyst. I’ve written a couple of articles that can be found at atbsports.net. Host of the Across the Cowboys podcast with the greatest co-host in the world, Mike “The Pig” Crum. Co-host of the ATB Fantasy Show with the greatest host in the world, Rich “Bodacious” Maletto, and the next greatest co-host in the world, Daniel “Nugget” Martinho, III. I’m grateful to work with so many awesome people, talk about football, fantasy, and real life!



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