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"It's Complicated"

Erika "The Browns Mama" Goltz

Credit: Business Insider

So many thoughts over these last few weeks. After seeing the game against the Broncos, I had to step back for a few days and think hard about this team. We have all of these amazing pieces. Why are we in this situation? This team is losing games it should very well be winning.

I've seen so much potential in this young team. I see some of the best players on this team as a whole in years. However, I'm not completely sure that I'm seeing an actual team, in the truest sense of the term. I don't always see cohesion with them. More often than I'd like to see, it seems as though they're all on a completely different page on the field. There are times that it seems like some are reading a different novel!

There also doesn't seem to be any certainty where the breakdown is. From an outside perspective, there are a multitude of issues that can be seen, but none of us are in the meetings or practices to truly know, specifically, what those issues are. There's plenty of speculation out there, but no real answers.

My general feeling is that Freddie has an obviously steep learning curve. Although I completely adore him, I wish that he would have been given more time as an OC before making such a huge jump to being the HC. At the very least, I haven't thought from minute one that it was smart of him to take on the offensive play-calling duties. In my opinion, this is too much for a first year head coach. However, I also don't know how much confidence I have in Monken to be the play caller.

There are a lot of very sloppy penalties that seem to be happening on a regular basis. Between the refs adding on some phantom ones, and also not calling the same penalties against our opponents, it seems like a losing battle. The team doesn't need to add to what the refs are already doing. Quit with the nonsense, get out on that field, and get focused! And I'm certainly not sure if this “running punishment” is really going to do anything. The coaching staff as an entirety needs to figure out how to get a disciplined team on the field and fast.

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