By John Kaufman & Chandler Adams

NFL Betting Analysts

@ClevelandSpyder & @ChandlerAdamss

Week 11 was rough. Chandler and I combined for a lackluster 2-4 record, and although it was just our second combined sub-.500 week this year, it still stung. We’re on to the stretch run for the season now so it’s time to focus and finish strong. That begins in week 12. Let’s go.

As always, check out this week’s YouTube show for our deep-dive analysis into this week’s selections. This is basically just a summary of our plays for week 12 and a quick recap of week 11.


John’s Plays (1-2):

1. ATL +4 (-110) at NO: LOSE – NO 24-ATL 9

2. MIA -3.5 (-110) at DEN: LOSE – DEN 20-MIA 13

3. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120): WIN

-KC -2 at LVR: WIN (KC 35-LVR 31)

-TEN +11 at BAL: WIN (TEN 30-BAL 24 in O.T.)

Chandler’s Plays (1-2): 1. GB +2.5 (-110) at IND: LOSE – IND 34-GB 31

2. KC -8 (-110) at LVR: LOSE – KC 35-LVR 31

3. CLE 1st HALF -1.5 (-120) vs PHI: WIN – CLE 7-PHI 0

I have included a teaser bet explanation at the end of this article, just in case you’re not familiar with that type of bet.


John: 17-16 (52%)

Chandler: 18-14-1 (56%)

Combined: 35-30-1 (54%)

WEEK 12:

John’s Week 12 Plays: 1. LAC at BUF OVER 53 (-110)

2. CLE TEAM TOTAL OVER 27.5 (-120) at JAX

3. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120)

-CLE -1 at JAX

-TEN +9 at IND Chandler’s Week 12 Plays:

1. NYG -6 (-110) at CIN (*see note below)

2. CLE 1st HALF -3.5 (-110) at JAX

3. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120)

-LAR -.5 vs SF

-SEA +.5 at PHI

* note – During this week’s YouTube show Chandler and I talked about loving the Giants mostly because we thought that Ryan Finley would start for the Bengals this week. However, Cincinnati is going to start Brandon Allen at quarterback, not Finley. This doesn’t change our feeling on this game at all. The Giants -6 is still a great bet. I just wanted to clear up the confusion with our analysis on the show.

Good luck to you all this weekend!! Let’s cash some tickets!!

(TEASER BET EXPLANATION: In case you’re not familiar with a teaser, it’s a bet in which you get six points to manipulate the point spread and/or game total in a favorable direction. For example, in John’s teaser bet in week one this year, he bet the Colts and the Rams. Bet by themselves, the Colts were -8 at Jacksonville and the Rams were +3 at home against the Cowboys. However, in a teaser you get to add six points to the side of each bet you selected. Therefore, John moved the Colts down from -8 to -2, and the Rams up from +3 to +9. Teasers are great ways to manipulate lines so that they’re more favorable to you. Last, just like a parlay, teasers must include two bets or more, and you must win all the legs in the teaser to win the bet. If you lose one leg of the teaser your whole bet is busted.)

John Kaufman and Chandler Adams

Across the Board Sports

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