By John Kaufman & Chandler Adams NFL Betting Analysts @ClevelandSpyder & @ChandlerAdamss

Not only did week 13 go extremely well for Chandler and I, but it came at the perfect time, stopping a combined 4-8 skid for the two of us. As Chandler mentioned on this week’s Best Bets YouTube episode, he was an absurd Mitchell Trubisky comeback away from his second perfect week this year. (Chandler also went 3-0 in week two.) Perfection did not elude me, however. For the first time this year I posted a spotless 3-0 record. It only took me 13 weeks to do it! (Insert eyeroll emoji here.)

As always, check out this week’s YouTube show for our deep-dive analysis into our week 14 selections. This is just a summary of this week’s plays as well as a quick recap of week 13.

Also, there is no podcast this week. Our apologies for that. There are some technical issues we are sorting through, but hopefully we will have that figured out soon. Last, we did record the week 13 episode last Saturday morning (December 5), but it didn’t get posted until after the week 13 1:00 pm games kicked off. It is available on YouTube now if you’d like to go back and check it out.


John’s Plays (3-0): 1. IND -3 (-120) at HOU: WIN – IND 26-HOU 20

2. LAR -3 (+100) at ARZ: WIN – LAR 38-ARZ 28

3. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120): WIN

-GB -2.5 vs PHI: WIN (GB 30-PHI 16)

-LVR -2.5 at NYJ: WIN (LVR 31-NYJ 28)

Thank you for being so laughably inept, Gregg Williams!!

Chandler’s Plays (2-1): 1. CLE +5.5 (-110) at TEN: WIN – CLE 41-TEN 35

2. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120): WIN

-JAX +16 at MIN: WIN (MIN 27-JAX 24 O.T.)

-CIN +16.5 at MIA: WIN (MIA 19-CIN 7)

3. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120): LOSE

-CHI +3 vs DET: LOSE (DET 34-CHI 30)

-BUF +7 at SF: WIN (BUF 34-SF 24)

I have included a teaser bet explanation at the end of this article, just in case you’re not familiar with that type of bet.


John: 21-18 (53.8%)

Chandler: 21-17-1 (55.1%)

Combined: 42-35-1 (54.5%)

WEEK 14:

John’s Week 14 Plays: 1. BUF -2 (-110) vs PIT

2. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120)

-GB -2 at DET

-TEN -1.5 at JAX

3. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120)

-TB -.5 vs MIN

-KC -1 at MIA Chandler’s Week 14 Plays:

1. KC 1st QUARTER -2.5 (-120) at MIA

2. CAR 1st QUARTER -.5 (+100) vs DEN

3. TWO-TEAM TEASER (+6, -120)

-NO -1.5 at PHI

-CLE +8.5 vs BAL

Good luck to you all this weekend!! Let’s cash some tickets!!

(TEASER BET EXPLANATION: In case you’re not familiar with a teaser, it’s a bet in which you get six points to manipulate the point spread and/or game total in a favorable direction. For example, in John’s teaser bet in week one this year, he bet the Colts and the Rams. Bet by themselves, the Colts were -8 at Jacksonville and the Rams were +3 at home against the Cowboys. However, in a teaser you get to add six points to the side of each bet you selected. Therefore, John moved the Colts down from -8 to -2, and the Rams up from +3 to +9. Teasers are great ways to manipulate lines so that they’re more favorable to you. Last, just like a parlay, teasers must include two bets or more, and you must win all the legs in the teaser to win the bet. If you lose one leg of the teaser your whole bet is busted.)

John Kaufman and Chandler Adams

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