By John Kaufman & Chandler Adams NFL Betting & DFS Analysts @ClevelandSpyder & @ChandlerAdamss

Boy oh boy, betting on the NFL can be tough, man. Last week, Chandler lost two of his three Best Bets by a combined 1.5 points.

That is beyond gross. Just so brutal.

However, as rough as week three was, Chandler and I are still up on the year. Combined we are 11-7, so if you’ve been tailing our bets you’re winning at a rate of 61%. That is a fantastic clip. We’ll take that all day long.

Now, we realize that it is still very early in the 2020 season. And even though our plays have been excellent so far, things can change in a hurry in the NFL. So, we need to stay vigilant and keep digging for pertinent information that will help us continue to make solid picks. We think we’ve done that again for you in week four.

Before we reveal this week’s plays, let’s quickly recap our week three selections to see what went right, and what we need to improve upon.


John’s Plays (2-1): 1. ATL -3 (-120) vs CHI: LOSE – CHI 30-ATL 26

2. DET 1st HALF +3.5 (-115) at ARZ: WIN – DET 17-ARZ 13

3. TWO TEAM TEASER (+6, -120): WIN

-LAR +8.5 at BUF: WIN (BUF 35-LAR 32)

-KC +9.5 at BAL: WIN (KC 34-BAL 20)

Chandler’s Plays (1-2): 1. TEN -2.5 (-110) at MIN: LOSE – TEN 31-MIN 30

2. GB +3 (-110) at NO: WIN – GB 37-NO 30

3. KC at BAL OVER 54.5 (-110): LOSE – 54 (KC 34-BAL 20)

I have included a teaser bet explanation at the end of this article, just in case you’re not familiar with that type of bet.


John: 5-4

Chandler: 6-3

Atlanta had a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter against the Bears, and in true Falcon fashion, they let Nick Foles light them up for three touchdowns and they found a way to lose the game. Unreal. Other than that debacle, however, my other two plays went as expected. Detroit was covering the 3.5 points towards the end of the first half, but a late Lions TD put them in front, so we didn’t end up needing the points. Same with Kansas City – they ended up winning by 14. The Rams, on the other hand, were a sweat. They were down 28-3 at the half but then came roaring back to get us the cover. I ended up going 2-1, a record I will never complain about.

As I mentioned above, Chandler’s week was disgusting. A mere 1.5 points is all that stood between him and another 3-0 week. His one win was picking Green Bay to cover against New Orleans, and the Packers won the game outright. As you’ll hear on this week’s episode, I praised Chandler for his recognition that Green Bay appears to be for real this year, despite the vast majority of NFL analysts – including myself – calling for major regression. I thought the Saints would control that game from start to finish, but I could not have been more wrong. The good news is that it forced me to take a much closer look at this New Orleans team to figure out what is wrong with them. What I uncovered directly contributed to one of my selections this week, as you’ll soon find out.

Remember, these weekly Best Bets/DFS Advice articles will simply be me posting both Chandler and my weekly bets and FanDuel DFS lineups. There really won’t be any analysis here. For that, you simply have to watch our weekly Best Bets/DFS YouTube video. Or if you prefer, you can listen the podcast version instead. All of our plays are explained in great detail there, and we also talk about some of the other plays that we like, even if they aren’t official wagers.

Last, Chandler and I put together one consensus FanDuel lineup to give you the advantage with your DFS decisions this weekend, and hopefully to help you win some cash. Our lineup is posted below, but definitely check out the video/podcast for our explanation behind each pick, as well as the other players we love but just didn’t include in the lineups below.


John’s Week 4 Plays: DET +4.5 (-110) vs NO

IND -2.5 (-110) at CHI

BUF 1st HALF -1.5 (-110) at LVR

Chandler’s Week 4 Plays:

ARZ -3 (-110) at CAR

BAL -13.5 (-110) at WAS

BUF -3 (-110) at LVR

Below is the FanDuel lineup that we talked about on this week’s episode. This week’s lineup would be good for cash games or for small contests, and perhaps even some larger tournaments with 5,000+ entries. In those kinds of contests you should be paying up at RB, stacking your lineup (explanation on the show), and taking a shot on low-owned, very cheap WRs who, if they explode, can win you the whole tournament. Since the week four slate was full of cheap WRs who have a ton of upside, you could use our lineup in either a cash or a tournament contest.

John’s & Chandler’s Consensus Week 4 FanDuel Lineup:

Good luck to you all this weekend!! Here’s to cashing tickets and smashing the field in your DFS tourneys and cash games!!

(TEASER BET EXPLANATION: In case you’re not familiar with a teaser, it’s a bet in which you get six points to manipulate the point spread and/or game total in a favorable direction. For example, in John’s teaser bet above he selected the Colts and the Rams. Bet by themselves, the Colts would be -8 at Jacksonville, and the Rams would be +3 at home against the Cowboys. However, in a teaser you get to add six points to the side of each bet you selected. Therefore, John moved the Colts down from -8 to -2, and the Rams up from +3 to +9. Teasers are great ways to manipulate lines so that they’re more favorable to you. Last, just like a parlay, teasers must include two bets or more, and you must win all the legs in the teaser to win the bet. If you lose one leg of the teaser your whole bet is busted.)

John Kaufman and Chandler Adams

Across the Board Sports

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