By John Kaufman & Chandler Adams NFL Betting & DFS Analysts @ClevelandSpyder & @ChandlerAdamss

If you watched this week’s YouTube show or listened to our podcast, you know that week eight was an unmitigated disaster. Chandler and I both went 1-2. It was our worst combined week of the season. Until week eight, we had never both been under .500 in the same week, but it finally happened. There is nothing left to do but put it behind us and move on. With that said, let’s get into the week nine slate.


John’s Plays (1-2): 1. IND -3 (-110) at DET: WIN – IND41-DET 21

2. LAR -3.5 (-110) at MIA: LOSE – MIA 28-LAR 17

3. TWO TEAM TEASER (+6, -120): LOSE

-GB -.5 vs MIN: LOSE (MIN 28-GB 22)

-TEN -1 at CIN: LOSE (CIN 30-TEN 21)

Chandler’s Plays (1-2): 1. LAR 1st HALF -2.5 (-115) at MIA: LOSE – MIA 28-LAR 10

2. LVR at CLE 1st HALF OVER 9.5 (-120): LOSE – LVR 0-CLE 0

3. TWO TEAM TEASER (+6, -120): WIN

-CHI +10.5 vs NO: WIN (NO 26-CHI 23)

-DAL +16.5 at PHI: WIN (PHI 23-DAL 9)

I have included a teaser bet explanation at the end of this article, just in case you’re not familiar with that type of bet.


John: 13-11 (54%)

Chandler: 13-10-1 (56%)


John’s Week 9 Plays: 1. NO +4.5 (-110) at TB

2. ARZ 1st HALF -2.5 (-120) vs MIA

3. TWO TEAM TEASER (+6, -120)

-HOU -1 at JAX

-TEN -.5 vs CHI Chandler’s Week 9 Plays:

1. SEA -3 (-105) at BUF

2. LVR at LAC OVER 51.5 (-115)

3. TWO TEAM TEASER (+6, -120)

-NE -2.5 at NYJ

-CHI +12.5 at TEN

Below is the FanDuel lineup that we talked about on this week’s episode. This week’s lineup would be good for cash games or for small contests, and perhaps even some larger tournaments with 5,000+ entries. In those kinds of contests you should be paying up at RB, stacking your lineup (explanation on the show), and taking a shot on low-owned, very cheap WRs who, if they explode, can win you the whole tournament. Since the week four slate was full of cheap WRs who have a ton of upside, you could use our lineup in either a cash or a tournament contest.

John & Chandler’s Consensus Week 9 FanDuel Lineup:

Good luck to you all this weekend!! Here’s to cashing tickets and smashing the field in your DFS tourneys and cash games!!

(TEASER BET EXPLANATION: In case you’re not familiar with a teaser, it’s a bet in which you get six points to manipulate the point spread and/or game total in a favorable direction. For example, in John’s teaser bet in week one this year, he bet the Colts and the Rams. Bet by themselves, the Colts were -8 at Jacksonville and the Rams were +3 at home against the Cowboys. However, in a teaser you get to add six points to the side of each bet you selected. Therefore, John moved the Colts down from -8 to -2, and the Rams up from +3 to +9. Teasers are great ways to manipulate lines so that they’re more favorable to you. Last, just like a parlay, teasers must include two bets or more, and you must win all the legs in the teaser to win the bet. If you lose one leg of the teaser your whole bet is busted.)

John Kaufman and Chandler Adams

Across the Board Sports

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