Not Your Father's Heisman Watch

Chandler Adams, Across The Board

No, we are not going to shove Tua and Lawrence in your face. We here, at ATB Sports, are going to give you a true Heisman watch. Not the "who's the most clickable name" watch.

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Justin Fields QB - OSU:

This man can truly do it all. His stats are absolutely mind blowing. 1,096 yards, 16 TD, 0 INT and the 3rd best QBR in the NATION. Now, has he been playing elite competition? Not at all. However, he's doing what the great ones do, taking the life out of sub-par teams. The former #1 dual threat QB recruit, who was beat out of the starting job at Georgia, by future top 5 pick Jake Fromm, decided that Ryan Day and this OSU offense was his best place to set up shop. Not a bad idea as you can see. With Michigan State, Northwestern and Wisconson being their next 3 games, we will truly see what Fields and the Buckeyes are made of.

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Chuba Hubbard RB - Okla St:

Talk about a bad man. Hubbard is averaging 7.3 yards per carry and already has 938 yards. Why the hell is this guy not talked about on every single sports talk show. These are outrageous numbers. 5 games in, BUT he only had 8 carries in their blowout to MCN. So, he's practically got this in just 4 measly games. In a 12 game season he is on pace for 2251 yards. That would land him 5th all time in single season rushing yards. I took his total yards divided by the 5 games they've played (938/5=176.5), but he only had 8 carries in one of those games. So, he could easily shoot for Barry's 2628 yards record. He needs to average 241 yards per game to get there. It will all depend on the game script. If Gundy can get Okla St to early leads, expect his numbers to skyrocket. If they fall behind, it won't be as promising as it should be for Hubbard.

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Joe Burrow QB - LSU:

Cowherd asking Urban Meyer how he knew Burrow was the epitome of why we decided to start this brand. Anyway, Burrow has been electric this year. Here's my quick advice to you. If you want to watch future NFL athletes, watch LSU and OSU games and you will be quite thrilled. That being said, Burrow has a ton of help around him. Good o-line, a great receiving tandem, and a good coach. However, he is LIGHTING it up. Completing around 80% of his passes and tossing 17 TD so far in just FOUR games. Coming into this season Burrow's biggest downfall was his accuracy and anticipation. So far, this season, it looks like he has fixed that and more. LSU vs Florida on 10/12 will be one of the most fun match-ups of the year. Keep an eye on that.

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Chase Young DE - OSU:

Another Ohio State player? Yes, they have been that good. Honestly, Okudah could be on this list as well. The big question, can they do this against great opponets? But we do this dance every year. "They haven't played anybody good yet"... Nobody does, the goal in college football now is to start the season with easy wins, and have a few hard games at the finish. Anyway, back to The Predator. Young has been tremendous. Leading the nation with 8 sacks. But it's not his sack number that make him a Heisman watch canidate. It's the concentration that the opposing offense put on him. Nearly every play, Young is being doubled or shaded a second guy, they avoid him in the run game entirely, and yet he is still getting production. Will he win the Heisman? Not a chance. Only QB's win in today's pass heavy football. But Young is a force to reckon with and he will be the #1 overall pick to the Miami Dolphins. Book it now.

Chandler Adams, Across The Board

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