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Open Letter to Myles

Before I start the open letter, let me start by saying a few things. First, growing up with my father when I was younger taught me a few things. I firmly believe that Rudolph instigated this whole incident by kicking (at the minimum) Myles in his junk. You don't do that. Ever. Second, this isn't about the other players in the incident, or what these other players did or did not do. If I were face to face with Myles, this is what I'd say to him. Nothing more. Nothing less. Dear Myles, Since the day you were drafted, you've been my favorite player. You not only impressed me with your sheer athleticism, but you also gave me a completely new-found love of defense. I never bought a jersey until you were drafted. I bought yours first. I enjoyed watching you improve your craft week after week and year after year. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy watching you on the field, but seeing how you responded to fans off the field was equally enjoyable. Seeing you constantly post on Twitter about meet ups with the fans with your pup, Gohan, at local Cleveland-area dog parks, seeing the pics from those meetings, all made me happy. You truly seemed to be almost some mythical superhero of sorts, having incredible strength and always trying to do the right thing. Admittedly, I went to bed at halftime Thursday night because, as my husband would say, it was well past my “pumpkin time.” In other words, I was already up way later than normal for me. First thing I do is look up the score to the game. “My guys won! They won! I'm so proud of them!!” Those were my initial thoughts. Then, I get on Twitter and all I see is your name, and not remotely in a good way. I watched the video, probably ten times at the very minimum. The first time, I felt physically nauseated. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Who in the world was wearing the number 95? It couldn't be you... but it was. I was crestfallen. It really hurt as a longtime fan of this team and a huge fan of yours to see you do what you did. Myles, you let me down. More importantly, you've let a multitude of other fans and your team down. I don't know your family, but I daresay that your parents know that they didn't raise this type of man. As a mother myself, if my boys ever acted like this on the field, there would have been some serious hell to pay. When both sons (birth and countless “adopted” ones) played football in school, the coaches appreciated the fact that I made sure that my sons, even my extra adopted ones, acted respectful on and off the field. I was typically tougher on them than the coaches were. Maybe that's how it is for me with you, too. I feel like each of you are like my boys, but especially you. You are supposed to be the best representation on that field of what this team is and should be. The actions I saw on that field are not what my team should ever be about. I know that I won't see you on (or off) the field for quite some time. I hope you take the time to reflect on what happened. I ask that you genuinely reflect on the incident, and I truly hope you learn from this. Remember who you are and what you represent as a whole. Be better. Do better. Be who I know you to be. I want my superhero back.... Sincerely, Erika (a.k.a. “Mama E”)

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