Massive Four-Team Trade

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

By Chandler Adams

NBA Analyst


Credit: Houston Chronicle

This was the biggest trade in the last twenty years of the NBA, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. So, who went where, how does this help them, and what is each team's "grade?" (I put the ".." around the word grade because we don't know how much of a factor a new coach, teammates, and system can affect play.)

Minnesota Timberwolves = B


SG - Malik Beasley --- 7.8 PPG / 1.2 APG

PF - Juancho Hernangomez --- 3.0 PPG / 2.5 RPG

PF - Jarred Vanderbilt --- 1.0 PPG / .6 RPG

SG - Evan Turner --- 3.3 PPG / 2.0 APG / .5 SPG

Atlanta first-round draft pick (Via Nets)

This is quite a good haul for Minnesota who only had to dish out Robert Covington, Jordan Bell, Shabazz Napier, and Keita Bates-Diop. They flipped their young players for even younger players with much more potential. The first round pick they acquired could very well end up being anywhere from 10-20 as the standings currently sit. They upgraded their young talent and got a 1st round pick in the process. Good trade for Minnesota.

Denver Nuggets = C


PG Shabazz Napier --- 9.6 PPG / 5.2 APG

SF Keita Bates-Diop --- 6.8 PPG / 3.0 RPG

SG Gerald Green --- Injured

PF Noah Vonleh --- 4.1 PPG / 4.0 RPG

Houston first-round draft pick

I just can't understand this trade from Denver's perspective. I'm a big fan of Beasley/Vanderbilt. Not that big of a Vonleh/Bates-Diop fan. However, this might end up being a good trade for them with the acquisition of injured Gerald Green, who can shoot with the best of them. For now, this is an average to below-average trade in my book.

Atlanta Hawks = A


C Clint Capela --- 13.9 PPG / 13.8 RPG / 2 BPG

C Hilario Nene --- Injured

What a trade for the Hawks. Dishing out Evan Turner and draft picks for a solidified All-NBA Center and an above average backup who will provide undeniable locker room support for this young team. Love, love, love this trade. Capela is on the books for 3 1/2 more seasons. A starting lineup of Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, Deandre Hunter, John Collins and Clint Capela will be fantastic. The Hawks will undeniably have to add veteran leadership to the squad this off-season, but this was a big move for them.

Credit: BleacherReport

Houston Rockets = B-


SF Robert Covington --- 12.8 PPG / 6 RPG

PF Jordan Bell --- 3.1 PPG / 2.9 RPG

Golden State 2024 second-round draft pick

Just ... meh. This trade has good and bad aspects. The Rockets get rid of Capela's large contract which will help to keep Harden and Westbrook fed, while increasing the likelihood of being able to sign a wing-man this summer. But you get rid of an All-NBA C and a 1st round pick in the process. Their starting lineup will be very small, which might work against Portland, the Clippers and OKC --- that won't fly against the Lakers, Denver, Utah or Dallas. We will see, but I don't love this trade from the contending Rockets.

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