The Civil War and The Iron Bowl - Chris Champitto

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

College Football Rivalry Weekend is alive and well, and our newest College Football Writer, Chris Champitto, brings you his thoughts on the outcome of these two storied rivalries. Check it out below!

The Civil War (Part 123)

The Beavers look to make the long 50 mile bus ride south to Autzen Stadium where, even on the wettest days "it never rains." Oregon State (OSU) looks to snap its two-year losing streak to the Ducks, but it will be a tall task. Oregon is coming off a crushing loss that all but guaranteed their spot in the playoffs goes to another team and will come in to this rivalry, angry and ready to run up the score, and they have the match-up to do just that. Now I know this isn't the high-powered offense of the Mariota, Barner, and Thomas days, but this team can put up some points averaging 36.9 while OSU is averaging, a still respectable, 33.1 PPG. Oregon, in every major game stat, is ranked higher than OSU but I am confident the Beavers don't give a Dam (beaver pun). This is THE rivalry in the state and OSU wont go down with out a fight, and needs this win to be Bowl-eligible. Unfortunately I don't think that will matter much as, in my opinion, Oregon is; too fast, too good, and too disciplined to lose this game, or even let it stay close for that matter. I expect Oregon to handle OSU and move on to get ready to reclaim the PAC-12 for the first time since 2014.

Bold Predictions:

1. Herbert- +300 yards passing

2. OSU -2 Turnover ratio (INT, FR)

3. At least one special teams TD by either team

Game Prediction: Oregon: 45 OSU: 24

The Iron Bowl

I cant stress enough that Alabama NEEDS this win and needs it to be big. Auburn is currently 15th in the rankings and has a 0% chance of claiming a championship this year but an Iron Bowl win is the next best thing. With Tua on the bench the chances for the upset are prime. Look for Auburn's Marlon Davidson, 8 sacks on the year, to exploit the new QB and be in the back field often to mess up the what little rhythm synergy 'Big Mac' has with is WR corps. Bama has their own sack stud in Anfernee Jennings, also 8 sacks on the year, to try and disrupt the Tiger's passing game. The Tide also has 3 DBs in the SEC top 10 for INTs on the year, Mayden (4), Diggs (3), and McKinney (3). While the Tigers have Dinson rounding out the top 15 with 2

Bold Predictions:

1. Davidson is going to have a field day pressuring Mac

2. Auburn wins a close game or the Tide win in a blow-out

3. Alabama +2 Turnover ratio (2 INT)

Game Predictions: Tigers: 27 Tide: 24 (OR) Tigers: 20 Tide: 41

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