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Chandler Adams, Across The Board

Credit: Behind The Still Curtain

When Big Ben went out with a non-contact elbow injury everyone assumed the worst.. And they got the worst. A UCL tear and tommy-john surgery to recover is never something you want to hear about a man that makes his living throwing a ball. With Ben's age in mind, Steelers fans went into a dark place. However, I'm here to tell you why not to worry. A kid, Mason Rudolph, just might be the light in this very dark time.

In four years at Oklahoma State University, Mason Rudolph lit up the Big 12. Now, there's a chance that he played so well due to the high scoring pace of the conference, but we can't be sure of that. What can we be sure of? This dude can sling the ball. Rudolph threw 92 TD's to just 26 INT all while averaging 9.4 yards per throw. To put that in perspective, Ben threw 84 TD - 34 INT - 8.3 yards per throw. Don't get it twisted, Rudolph is very unlikely to be as good as Ben, but most aren't that good. Rudolph does however posses the arm strength and ability to carry an NFL team.

As you all know, James Washington was Rudolph's go to guy in college. They connected 74 times for 1,561 yards and 14 TD's. Can Washington come back to that form? I think he has a chance for sure, but he has looked very bad in every regular season game he has played. This offense is what has carried this franchise the last handful of years, but let's go to the defensive side of the ball. Has the Steel Curtain come back to life?

In short, yes. This defense has for sure not played great this year, but it has a handful of very talented players (Watt, Heyward, Bush, Edmunds, Haden, Fitzpatrick, Nelson) who they can continue to put pieces around. With the addition of Fitzpatrick the Steelers defensive back unit got significantly better. He is able to play slot nickel corner, or be "center fielder" and stalk the middle of the field. All in all a great trade for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The question hovering over the Steelers season, "will they make the playoffs?". No, they most likely will not make the playoffs, but rookie (yes he is still a rookie if you look at games played) QB's hardly ever do. This is going to be a learning year, something that Pittsburgh hasn't had in a long while. Expect this team to win a few games they shouldn't. This offense lead by Juju, Conner, McDonald and a great O-Line is still capable of putting up numbers, but they need time to gel. Steelers fans, breath, and enjoy the journey. Hell, this team might go on a crazy run. The NFL is unpredictable and that's why we love it.

Chandler Adams, Across The Board

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