Waiver Wire Week 4

Chandler Adams, (Filling in for the great Eric Giessler)

My father has been in a fantasy keeper league for 10 years now. He's won, he's lost and he's been in fantasy purgatory. This year, he asked me to help him out after finishing last in 2018. So far, he's 3-0 and has seemed to bounce back quite well. I'm not saying this is all because of me. Fantasy is a game of luck, but looking deeper than the "Top 100 Fantasy Players" list is very important. This article will hopefully help you find that diamond in the ruff and bounce back this week, or stay on top.


1. Daniel Jones (vs. Washington) - I DO NOT TRUST DANIEL JONES AS A LONG TERM QB. That being said, I don't trust Lamar either. However, I drafted Lamar in my fantasy league and have loved every second of it. Unless your name is Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady, I want my Fantasy QB's to have viable legs to run with. Daniel Jones provides that. Fast, quick, and such a lack of weaponery that he doesn't hesitate to run even a tad. Washington's defense has also been awful this year. He might not go for 4 TD's, but I guarantee at least 1 passing and 1 rushing.

2. Matthew Stafford (vs. Kansas City) - Short and sweet. He plays the chiefs.

3. Garnder Minshew (vs. Denver) - Only add him if you have no other options. Denver's D is bound to regroup eventually, and this game might be the one. I had Minshew as the number 3 QB in my draft class (Kyler, Dwayne, Gardner), but this Jags offense lacks the proper weaponry for this to be a sure fire start.


1. Wayne Gallman (vs. Washington) - Again, Washington's D has been bad. Saquon out, Gallman in.

2. Justin Jackson (vs. Miami) - ...... you already know

3. Chris Thompason (vs. NYG) - I have less and less faith in Thompson each week, but the Giants D is bad and he's always an option as a pass catcher.


1. DJ Chark (vs. Denver) - Averaging 6 targets per game, I think Minshew has found his favorite target. The hype this season was around Dede, but DJ has stole the show. At this rate he'll go for 16 TD. That's highly unlikely, but he's definitely worth a look.

2. Phillip Dorsett (vs. Buffalo) - Buffalo has a very good defense, but Dorsett is NE's 4th option in the pass game (Edelman, Gordon, White) so look for him to be open more this coming Sunday. He has Tom's trust...which is never a bad thing.

3. Preston Williams (vs. LAC) - Hard to trust any Dolphins players right now, but Preston has 23 targets over 3 games. Impressive for a rookie. He is going to be a work horse in Miami this year. Take a chance if you're feeling risky.


1. Vernon Davis (vs. NYG) - Not a sexy pickup, but New York's D is sloppy and I have a feeling Haskins will start. Rookie's best friend = Veteran Tight End.

2. Ricky Seals-Jones (vs. Baltimore) - Yes, this is a risky selection. But he had a couple targets last game after only being with Cleveland for a couple of weeks. They want to utilize him in the passing game. He just might sneak in a couple of big plays.

3. Gerald Everett (vs. Tampa Bay) - Seemingly invisible in this Rams offense, but Tampa Bay let Engram go hay-wire last week. This is a gut feeling. Don't know that I even trust myself on this one...Only owned in 4% of leagues though, so he's definitely available.


1. Broncos (vs. Jax) - This just might be the week. Miller & Chubb have combined for 0 sacks. They need to get that turned around

2. Colts (vs. Oakland) - Don't love this, but don't love Oakland either.

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