Week 1 Positional Ranks: Fantasy Football

Eric Giessler, Across The Board's Fantasy Expert

QB Rankings based on 4 point per touchdown pass leagues.

1. D. Watson at NO

2. P. Mahomes at JAC

3. D. Brees vs. HOU

4. L. Jackson at MIA

5. C. Wentz vs. WAS

6. C. Newton vs. LAR

7. T. Brady vs. PIT

8. B. Roethlisberger at NE

9. J. Garoppolo at TB

10. J. Winston vs SF

Week 1 Ride or Die: Tom Brady, its week 1 and a lot of things are in flux...but not the Patriots.

Risky call I believe in: Lamar Jackson: I like Lamar for fantasy in general, the bold QB4 rank is strictly picking on Miami and not a reflection of where I view Jackson in the NFL pantheon of QBs.

Consensus Top Dog I'm Fading: Baker Mayfield, I have no problem with Baker and generally believe in the Browns. This fade is due to the matchup versus a potentially run heavy Titans team that will look to turn this game into slugfest.

Hail Mary (deep call that could pop): Since I put Jimmy G in my top 10, I have to choose someone else here. Maybe the only time I will say this all year, give me Matt Stafford.

With so many acceptable options at quarterback, a case can be made for up to 25 names as viable options to start for your fantasy team on any given week. If you have options, it is important to consider how you think a game will play out. I left some big names out of the top 10 purely based on anticipated game scripts. I also have a few QBs in the top 10 that I don't even rank top 15 for season long. Fantasy football is not a patient man's game, each week it's important to be as flexible as you can afford to be; this concept is easier towards mid-season when more is known about team defenses.

Week 1 RB Ranks : Based on 0.5 PPR Scoring

1. C. McCaffrey vs LAR

2. S. Barkley at DAL

3. D. Cook vs ATL

4. A. Kamara vs HOU

5. J. Conner at NE

6. T. Gurley at CAR

7. C. Carson vs CIN

8. K. Johnson at ARI

9. N. Chubb at TEN

10. D. Johnson vs DET

Week 1 Ride or Die: James Conner. I don't see any game script that will deflate Conner. If the Steelers get behind, he catches balls, if it's a tight game he totes the rock.

Risky Call I Believe In: Kerryon Johnson, moving him into the top 10 is somewhat bold. I think versus Arizona, the Lions will run more plays than normal giving Kerryon his best outlook of the season in week 1.

Consensus Top Dog Fade: Le'Veon Bell - This one could bite me, but I have to stand somewhere. This Jets offense is a mystery right now; no one denies Bell's talent, but he took a year off and also did all of his past work in ideal conditions. I would not call wearing a Jets helmet, with Adam Gase calling plays versus Buffalo ideal.

Hail Mary: Ranked outside of the consensus top 30 on FantasyPros, give me Matt Breida. I'm hoping for a dirt ball shootout between Tampa and San Fran on Sunday, in that scenario a fresh Breida could do a lot of damage.

WR Ranks 0.5 PPR Scoring

1. D. Hopkins at NO

2. M. Thomas vs HOU

3. J. Smith-Schuster at NE

4. M. Evans vs SF

5. O. Beckham at TEN

6 J. Jones at MIN

7. D. Adams at CHI

8. A. Cooper vs NYG

9. J. Edelman vs PIT

10. T. Lockett vs CIN

Ride or Die: Cooper Kupp, I couldn't work him in to the top 10, but give me Kupp anytime he suits up.

Risky Call: Tyler Boyd, give me the Bengals de-facto #1 in what should be a negative game script.

Top Dog Fade: Give me both Vikings WRs. I don't love this call but a man has to stand somewhere. I want to see if the Vikings remain committed to the run heavy scheme they employed late last season before I feel safe on the Vikings passing game. There is a chance this game turns into a shootout which could wreak havoc on my fade call.

Hail Mary: I'll give a twin call here since WR is deep. Give me Marquise Goodwin of the Niners, last time Jimmy and Goodwin played together it was magic; we all know magic isn't real but I can't see a better time than this week for Goodwin. Somebody in SF is going to go wild, if you don't like Goodwin give Dante Pettis a try. Sterling Shepherd honorable mention.

TE Ranks

1. G. Kittle at TB

2. T. Kelce at JAX

3. E. Engram at DAL

4. O. Howard vs SF

5. Z. Ertz vs WAS

6. H. Henry vs IND

7. J. Cook vs HOU

8. G. Olsen vs LAR

9. D. Njoku at TEN

10. V. McDonald at NE

Ride or Die: George Kittle, I try not to pick the top ranked guy as my ride or die, but against Tampa I can't help it. I'm actually a bit down on Kittle this year in general because of the increased options in San Fran, but this week he's numero uno.

Risky Call: TJ Hockenson - Going with rookies at TE is normally a fool's errand; I will play the fool this week vs Arizona.

Top Dog Fade: I have him ranked TE5, but if I can afford it or I have good options I would consider fading Zach Ertz this week. He has a tendency to go boom and bust, I am anticipating a big lead for Philly in this one, if Ertz doesn't get on the board early they may feed the RBs a lot here.

Hail Mary: Give me former Cowboys great Geoff Swaim...yep I said Geoff Swaim. This is not recommended for standard season long fantasy, this is more of a DFS call. Jaguars on a potentially negative game script here and he is their starting TE. You could do worse.

Eric Giessler - Across the Board Fantasy Expert

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