Week Eight Expert Pick’em Challenge

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Guess who's back, back again? John and Alex are back, tell a friend! (Slim Shady, probably.) That’s right, it’s time for the Week Eight Expert Pick’em Challenge! We come in this week off a WILD AND CRAZY Week Seven! Alex finished the week at 16-4, while John left the week with a record of 13-7. Here are the current overall records for those of you keeping track at home:

Alex: 47-11 John: 42-16

It’s pretty clear and obvious that Alex knows college football way better than John. (Although, if you are a betting person, you should DEFINITELY trust John and his NFL picks. Like, seriously you’re throwing away free money if you don’t.) Anyway, here we go, let's check out Week Eight!

UL Monroe at No. 24 Appalachian State

Alex: Appalachian State

John: Appalachian State

Purdue at No. 23 Iowa Alex: Iowa John: Iowa No. 22 Missouri at Vanderbilt Alex: Mizzou John: Mizzou Tulsa at No. 21 Cincinnati Alex: Cincinnati John: Cincinnati No. 20 Minnesota at Rutgers Alex: Minnesota John: Minnesota Temple at No. 19 SMU Alex: Temple John: SMU No. 18 Baylor at Oklahoma State Alex: Baylor John: Oklahoma State Kansas at No. 15 Texas Alex: Texas John: Texas No. 14 Boise State at BYU Alex: Boise State John: Boise State No. 11 Auburn at Arkansas Alex: Auburn John: Auburn Kentucky at No. 10 Georgia Alex: Georgia John: Georgia No. 9 Florida at South Carolina Alex: Florida John: Florida No. 6 Wisconsin at Illinois Alex: Wisconsin John: Wisconsin West Virginia at No. 5 Oklahoma Alex: Oklahoma John: Oklahoma No. 4 Ohio State at Northwestern Alex: Ohio State John: Ohio State No. 3 Clemson at Louisville Alex: Clemson John: Clemson No. 2 LSU at Mississippi State Alex: LSU John: LSU Tennessee at No. 1 Alabama Alex: Alabama John: Alabama Alex’s Unranked Game of the Week Coastal Carolina at Georgia Southern Alex: Coastal Carolina John: Georgia Southern John’s Unranked Game of the Week

Florida State at Wake Forest Alex: Florida State

John: Wake Forest

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