It's Week 1, Chill.

Chris Boyd - NFL Analyst at Across The Board

Christmas in September has come and gone! Millions of NFL/fantasy fans alike woke up this past Sunday morning on a day that we all look forward to year in and year out. All the off season chatter/bragging rights in the books (I told you so, Super Bowl bound, and all the other crazy quotes you hear after week 1) ,big early injuries, the upsets, new coaches, rookie impressions, and everything else that the whacky week 1 provides us has concluded. Of course, we are never to overreact to a single week of football when there are still 16 to go, right?

So, what should we believe?

Matt Nagy and The Bears

Credit: NBC Sports

The Bad

Tarik Cohen played 70% of the teams snaps... all from the slot receiver position?

They ran Cordarrelle Patterson, a receiver, on 3rd and 1 and got stuffed 2 yards back from scrimmage, all while you have a horse in Montgomery that is stronger than Ed Hochulli.

Trubisky had a solid 18.5 QBR on the weekend and looked lost on the field numerous times.

The Good

This defense was as good as advertised, sacking Rodgers 5 times and holding the quarterback to 203 yards throughout the air. They were even more impressive stopping the run - holding the Pack to a measly 47 yards on 22 rushes.

When David Montgomery had the ball, a criminally low 7 times, he looked really good running around, through, and over the top of defenders.

Matt Nagy is one of the most creative coaches in the NFL and WILL bounce back this year.. I mean how can you not with all of those weapons?

Final determination-

Believe! The Bears will be better than they were last Thursday, but with the 6th hardest schedule on the horizon, its going to be a tough road to the postseason. Luckily for them, they get Flacco and the Broncos this Sunday.

Can Vikings Sustain Success?

Credit: Pioneer Press

The Good

Coming into last year (2018) SKOL had one of the more vaunted defenses in the NFL. After opening the 2018 season giving up 16, 29, 27, 38 point totals through the first 4 weeks of the season, they really settled in only allowing 18.27 points weeks 5 - 17. There were rumblings that the defense was not communicating and allowing too many big plays. They seemed to fix that problem after week 4 and through 1 game this year. The only true question mark is, do they have a lock-down corner?

They said they were going to pound the ball up the gut with Dalvin Cook...and they did just that. It was almost as if the Falcons were surprised by it. Cook and Mattison combined for 278 and 3 rushing touchdowns.

The Bad

This is a passing league, case closed. The Vikings got the W in week 1 with Kirk Cousin only passing the ball 10 times (8 -10, 98 yards and a TD). To be a playoff team, you will have to be able to throw the ball more than 10 times. You don't have to do what Zac Taylor and the Bengals did week 1 (51 throws), but 15-20 throws with Dalvin Cook on the running attack is a recipe for success.

Final determination

Believe! Expect a similar formula for the Vikings this year after they fired offensive coordinator, John DeFlippo, midway through the season last year for throwing the ball too much.

Josh Jacobs - Only Rookie RB to Make A Difference?

Credit: CBS Sports


Jacobs was the first running back to go for 100+ yards and 2 touchdowns in his NFL debut since LaDainian Tomlinson.

He looked amazing in the open field and when he needed to bang with the big bodies, he banged.

Counter argument

Miles Sanders:

Sanders led the Eagles in running back snaps on Sunday.

Looked tremendous in pass protection.

Far superior speed and elusiveness compared to Jordan Howard.

Final Determination

Don't Believe! As Desean Jackson was quoted saying before the season started on which player would make the biggest impact this year..."Shit, Miles Sanders".

Lamar Jackson - Superman?

Credit: CBS Sports

The Good

42 points in one half of football to start the year.

Jackson stat line.. 17 of 20, 324 yards, 5 tds - While only running the ball three times.

His coach is confident that Lamar is indeed Superman by putting a target on the back of the team the size of Texas.. who fakes a punt up 35-3 in the first half anyway?

The Bad

Lamar threw some fantastic balls, don't get me wrong, but after re-watching the game the Dolphins defenders slipped on 2 or 3 deep balls..

Final Determination

Believe! Maybe you get lucky and hold him to 225 through the air, but he is the most explosive Quarterback in the league since Mike Vick.

Running Backs Don't Play Every Snap

Credit: Charlotte Observer

Final Determination

Don't Believe! Christian McCaffrey and Le'Veon Bell were on the field for every offensive snap on Sunday. Both had question marks coming into the season about their 2019 workload.

McCaffrey- coaches were quoted saying they would like to get CMC less snaps this year, but for his designed plays to be more efficient.

Bell- with sitting out a year and only having Ty Montgomery behind him, expect Bell to be a "Bell" cow all year. (I need more Cow Bell).

Are the Browns Bad?

Credit: Cleveland.com

The Ugly

Is it possible that the Cleveland Browns were a little too confident coming into the season? OBJ and his 190k watch that he wore DURING the game... and is going to continue to wear this season

The defense literally gave the Titans offense 6 automatic first downs (penalties can hurt)

The offense had so many penalties that they had a 3rd and 13+ 6 times (penalties can really hurt)

The Good

Baker tried doing WAY to much in the 4th quarter leading to 3 picks in the final frame

Through 3 quarters, Baker had a PFF grade of 90 - which is Elite