What Are The Cavs?

Chandler Adams, Across The Board

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We know this much, the Cavs are very young. Yes, they have veterans like Love, Thompson and Delly, but the core of this roster is very young, and very inexperienced. Garland and Porter Jr., two core puzzle pieces in this gigantic rebuild, played a combined 26 games in college. Players like Sexton, Osman, Windler, and Zizic are all very young and have little NBA experience under their belts. This team has pieces, but how will they fit?


This team does NOT lack fire power, but they do lack consistency. Garland, Windler, Sexton, KPJ, Love and Clarkson are all very capable scorers. But Love is the only one who has proven he can do it night after night. Part of that comes with inexperience, part of that comes with coaching. *Enter John Beilein*. In his first ever game as a HC his team came out of the half with a magnificent game plan. That is a telling sign of a great coach. In the NBA, coaches aren't nearly as hands on as they are in college. Coaches in the NBA have a few spots they are really in charge of. Out of timeouts, out of half, start of quarters. That's really about it. Outside of that, players usually run the offense that the coach has implemented. Beilein, unlike most, has been much more hands on then many expected. Why? Because he knows this team is extremely young. With him being more involved in the play-by-play basis, it helps this young team to stay on track and not get out of control.

One thing is for sure, this team is very fun to watch when they are clicking on all cylinders. In fact, when they play at their potential, they look like a bottom feeding playoff team. BUT, and a big but, is that they will likely not click a hell of a lot more than they will click. This is still a rebuild, but Cavs fans now have a very exciting, and one of the best young backcourts, in the entire NBA.


Defense and effort are two things that a young team like the Cavs should always bring. The old saying "defense travels" is as true of a saying as there is. Even though this offense is going to be inconsistent at times, there defense has good pieces and they need to play with effort to keep them in games. Garland, Osman and Love are bad defenders. It is what it is at this point. But I still need to see effort out of them. Sexton, Thompson, Henson, Delly, Windler all need to lead this defense, and in turn, this team. While offense is much more fun to watch, defense is what wins in the NBA at the end of the day. The Warriors in each of their title runs had a top defense in the league. Coach Beilein has always, always, had great defenses in his days at Michigan, and I expect no less of his teams now. Effort and discipline is something that Beilein instills on a day in and day out basis.

Cavs fans, this will be a fun year. Garland and Sexton are incredibly fun to watch. But there will be growing pains, and a lot of them. Just enjoy watching Beilein and his great coaching IQ get these young kids to turn to men by the end of the season. It's all we can hope for.

Be The Fight

Chandler Adams, Across The Board

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