Zero-QB in Superflex Leagues?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

By Paul Becerra

Fantasy Football Analyst


Patrick Mahomes

Deshaun Watson

Baker Mayfield (ouch)

Kyler Murray

These were some popular names in the 2019 off-season.

And if you were playing in superflex leagues, you were pretty excited to have one or two of these guys on your roster at the start of the season.

What if I told you that a player with an ADP outside the top 50 was the guy that would go on to have a historical season and be the fantasy QB1 in 2019?

That’s right, the one, the only, the “should play WR in the NFL”….

Photo from FantasyAlarm.com

Mr. Lamar Jackson, everyone.

If you waited for QBs last year and took a chance on Lamar Jackson, you could get him at an ADP of 61 in 2019. There’s a good chance you also played for the championship.

Lamar Jackson had a 100% ownership rate in 2019 to go along with a whopping 76% ownership rating in the fantasy playoffs.

The next most owned QB in the fantasy playoff was Russell Wilson at 61%. For reference, Russell Wilson’s 2019 ADP was 25 and he finished the season as a QB3.

Looking back at the end of the season rankings, three of the top six QBs had an ADP of 60 or higher in superflex leagues. Only one QB had an ADP in the top 15, that player being Mr. Super Bowl Champion: Patrick Mahomes.

Outstandingly, one of the top 24 QBs in 2019, Gardner Minshew, wasn’t even drafted.

So while your league mates overdraft QBs, I suggest you sit back, relax, grab those skill players and ride them to a fantasy championship.


Sources: Fantrax and Fantasy Pros

Paul Becerra

Across the Board Sports

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